Like several other anti-aging products in the market, Serovital-hGH is a very popular HGH anti-aging supplement meant to be taken by both men and women. HGH supplements for anti-aging are getting increasingly popular, however like the majority of products out there, Serovital-hGH is also primarily a blend of amino acids.

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There have been several anti-aging supplements in the market which focus on incorporating amino acids for enhanced HGH production (based on some clinical studies).

Although amino acids have been clinically proven to enhance hgh production in the body, this enhancing effect is quite minimal and doesn’t last long, because of the body’s homeostasis system. That’s why HGH supplements that “prolong” the effect of amino acids by using anti-somatostatin blend of ingredients like Alpha GPC and phosphatidylcholine work better to enhance HGH naturally. Unfortunately, Serovital misses on these ingredients.

Serovital also doesn’t have GABA and Deer antler velvet, making it reasonably effective yet mediocre anti-aging HGH product.

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Serovital review by Wellnow Doctor

Criteria for product ranking

These are the criteria on which we have reviewed the products: –

  1. Ingredients (Quality, Quantity and Diversity)
  2. Stand-alone Clinical study (done on product itself, not individual ingredients and herbs)
  3. Price
  4. Medical recommendations
  5. Independent user reviews


Serovital became quite popular anti-aging supplement among the celebrities as well as in general after Dr. Oz talked about a San Medica’s HGH study. Ever since he mentioned this study, people around the world have been talking about SeroVital.

The product was designed to eliminate the need for expensive prescription injections and was clinically verified to increase HGH levels by 692 percent.

Serovital HGH ingredients

SeroVital has amino acids that were specifically chosen to increase HGH production and to stimulate the pituitary gland.

1). L-Lysine HCl

This ingredient is useful for boosting immunity and protein production. It’s often employed to enhance athletic performance as it enhances “growth hormone” naturally. Research revealed that when lysine is combined with arginine and taken orally, it stimulates, “insulin and pituitary somatotropin (HGH) release.” But people must know the research involved 1200 mg of both arginine and lysine. doesn’t mention concentrations of any specific ingredient, so it is not possible to tell whether it has this amount of L-Lysine or not. Supposing SeroVital is a lot like Growth Factor 9 (another HGH based performance booster that uses exactly same SeroVital formula and ingredients), then possibilities are that the formula contains 2.9 grams of ALL ingredients combined.

2). L-Arginine HCl

This amino acid is necessary for production of nitric oxide, a compound that increases blood circulation and relaxes the blood vessels. According to researchers, “resting hormone growth responses increase with oral L-arginine ingestion.” However, again Arginine ought to be taken in 1200 mg doses if combined with L-lysine. Some studies did not demonstrate a HGH release until the dosage was increased to 5-9 g of Arginine alone.

Why do people need to take high oral doses of these amino acids to produce any anti aging effects? And if people need to, then why these anti-aging products like Serovital don’t contain that much amount of amino acids like L-lysine and L-arginine? Read on to find out!

3). Oxo-Proline

This ingredient right here comes from glutamic acids.

Studies conducted on animals have suggested that Oxo-Proline decreases the non-enzymatic antioxidant defenses in the brain and causes “reactive species production”.

Animal studies also propose oxo-proline “results in protein oxidation.”

In a nutshell, oxo-proline has some bad effects!

Oxo-proline may “draw out oxidative stress,” or cause a discrepancy among reactive oxygen and body’s capability to restore the damaged cells. It may produce toxic effects through the production of free radicals. Concisely, adding with this amino acid might damage every cell component including lipids, DNA and proteins.

4). N-Acetyl L Cysteine

It functions as a powerful antioxidant. Initially, it attaches to and neutralizes the free radicals.

Afterwards, it promotes the mixture of glutathione (an endogenous antioxidant). This is a more stable Cysteine form, which can be turned into cysteine in the cell.

Whereas NAC might be helpful for counteracting oxidative effects of oxo-proline, there is not sufficient research to prove any impact on production of HGH.

However, N-Acetyl L Cysteine has some remarkable anti-aging, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Men using this supplement have also observed higher testosterone levels, more vigor and energy.

Thumbs up to Serovital for including N-Acetyl L Cysteine in their formula.

5). L-Glutamine

During exercise, this amino acid operates as a buffer, preventing catabolism and soreness of muscle. Research shows HGH conserves muscle-free glutamine stores, enhancing the ability of body to work longer and harder. This also is a very good ingredient in “serovital”.

Studies have indicated that this ingredient increases the body’s ability to work harder, for a longer period of time.

Interestingly L-glutamine is also used as a “stress buster” because of its excellent properties to handle the physical and mental stress. Athletes and Bodybuilders love this because of the endurance it provides and how it keeps “cortisol” (stress hormone) in check without side effects.

AND if you’ve been searching on “HGH benefits”, then you might know that HGH is excellent for “stress control” and “sound sleep”. It’s quite possible that preservation of “muscle-free glutamine stores” is one mechanism by which HGH is able to control and lower down stress and induce the feeling of “positive” thinking and well-being. HGH works via a lot of mechanisms, that’s for sure.

So, whether you buy “Serovital” or not, take this message home – DO TAKE L-glutamine.

It’s an excellent anti-aging supplement. It is backed actively by medical community and used extensively in hormone regulation regimens.

6). Schizonepeta (Aerial Parts)

This is the scientific term given to Japanese Catnip. Many claim that this herb is good treatment for allergic reactions as it inhibits cytokine and histamine release.

However, as with the other ingredients, there have not been any clinical studies done to determine if Schizonepeta’s has any effects on HGH.

What Are the Side Effects of SeroVital HGH?

Products like Serovital and most other HGH supplements are devoid of side effects. In fact, one reason they don’t employ amino acids in huge quantities(like those doses associated with medical studies on amino acids regarding their benefits on HGH production) is because amino acids like L-Arginine, L-Lysine in huge doses may lead to nausea, upset stomach etc.

Despite the fact that the ingredients in a SeroVital HGH are for the most part natural, following are some potential side affects you should be aware of:

  • Stomach pain
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Gout
  • Asthmatic symptoms
  • Bloating

Pros & Cons of Serovital-HGH


  • Decent blend of amino acids and HGH enhancing ingredients
  • Backed by clinical study. Clinically validated to naturally increase human growth hormone levels and improve sleep quality, which both decline with age.
  • Good number of positive reviews
  • Money-Back Guarantee


  • Primarily an amino acids blend, just like several other HGH products & pills
  • Doesn’t contain anti-somatostatin blend of ingredients like Alpha GPC and phosphatidylcholine etc. Such ingredients inhibit somatostatin, the enzyme that inhibits HGH release.
  • It misses out on other crucial ingredients like GABA or Deer antler velvet
  • Pricing is on higher side
  • There seem to be better products in the market at the same price range.

Serovital-HGH prices – $99

Walmart – $83.95

VitaminShoppe – $98.99

Costco – $93.99

Target – $99 – Check prices

More information on Serovital-hGH ingredients

1). Amino acids require high doses to be effective in releasing hGH naturally, according to the studies.

But, in high oral doses they also produce side effects like nausea etc. Some anti-aging experts believe they should be given via injections as this would be more effective and produce less side effects even if given in higher doses.

While other experts believe they can be effective in small oral doses if they are taken with other compounds (that work in synergy and as catalysts) in a dietary supplement.

Studies and user reviews now document that even in “small doses”, they can sufficiently enhance Growth hormone levels if they are taken with other synergistic ingredients like GABA, GTF Chromium, Colostrum, Phosphatidyl Choline etc. Find out more about these 7 MUST have ingredients in an HGH supplement.

Unfortunately, Serovital uses amino acids in “small amounts” (compared to medical studies) and does not include all these other synergistic ingredients.

2). Even if it’s primarily an amino acid blend, it still misses out on some other important amino acids like L-Ornithine, L-Tyrosine, L-Valine.

L-Arginine, L-lysine are not the only beneficial amino acids although they are the primary ones that had undergone an hGH study. There are other amino acids good for anti-aging. One of the reasons why paleo diet works well for anti-aging is that it includes so many amino acids.

Besides, “Deer antler velvet” should be a part of any hGH product because it is a natural blend of several amino acids. And hGH itself is a peptide containing 91 amino acids. “Deer antler velvet” is one of those rare “gems of nature” – a powerful HGH secretagogue. Read more on HGH pills & supplements in the market.

3). Does your body really receive all those ingredients?

A product that is supposed to be a world class in terms of results must use mechanisms to enhance and guarantee effective absorption of the ingredients.

Fact is, when you take any oral supplement, a good amount of its ingredients gets destroyed by your stomach acid. So, a supplement should either include ingredients that can enhance the absorption of other ingredients or use technology like “entric-coating” so that a good volume of ingredients in the pills don’t get destroyed stomach acid.

It’s better to take Serovital HGH healthy aging formula in powder than capsules for better absorption.

4). There seem to be better anti-aging products out there at the same price.

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Serovital-HGH vs Serovital Advanced for women

Serovital Advanced is a nutritional supplement that has everything Serovital-HGH has to offer and also comes with a proprietary blend of other natural anti-aging ingredients like olive extract, cumin extract, coffee bean extract, collagen peptides, etc. Besides these, this supplement also comes with other elements like vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B2, selenium, copper and zinc. Of these, collagen peptides seem to be most interesting ingredients.

All these constituents have the potential to work in synergy to raise the immunity and metabolism levels of your body. While doing so, this component might additionally improve the levels of hGH in your body to enhance your skin and hair. Other variants of the product is maximum strength formula, renewal complex etc.

How Long Does It Take to See Results from SeroVital?

The manufacturer makes it very clear on the official website that it usually takes up to three months before you see any results with these amino acids. This shouldn’t be surprising, as many vitamins and minerals take time to work.

Here’s what one consumer had to say –

I turned to a SeroVital product to help with lagging energy, pesky fat deposits, weight gain in general, brain fog and dull appearance. These symptoms came about in my 50s and I was struggling with my confidence as a result. I tried many products over the years before taking this supplement and bought a three months supply.

After about two months, I did start to notice a healthy difference in my skin. While my wrinkles didn’t magically disappear, my face looks brighter and the fine lines aren’t so obvious because of that.

There was also a slight increase in my energy levels, though I did also start an exercise regime during this time, so I’m not sure which, or if both, caused this benefit.

I’m now in my third month of SeroVital. While I’m happy with the results listed above, it hasn’t had an impact on my added weight or body fat and that’s one downside. I’m not confident it raised my human growth hormone levels, either. On top of that, the cost is significant on a monthly basis.

Taking the SeroVital product each day is easy, but in review, I’ve yet to decide if I’ll continue taking SeroVital or not, even though there haven’t been any drastic, negative side effects along the way.

User reviews: What do people say about Serovital?

I’m not sure it’s doing a ton, HOWEVER, everyone has been complimenting me. I see a dr every month and ever since I started taking this she now says “I don’t know what you’ve done different, but you look really good! A lot more healthy and glowing than normal”. Another friend from high school I see randomly over the years recently told me that I looked the best I’ve looked since we were in high school. I get it a lot from people. So as we ourselves are our worst critics, I do believe that this is beneficial. I’ve used this and the pills. If I had to pick what I like better, it would be the concentrate. I feel it had faster results and I don’t think it’s too much for 4 wks worth.Review

I took Serovital for 6 months with the hopes of better sleep & more energy. I lost about an inch of ‘fat’ on my legs and am left with legs that don’t look healthy. It also felt as though my leg muscles were growing to fast – my legs feel & look very tight. The past month, I have had lots of leg pain & stiffness & overall body pain in general. I am not sure if this is related to the supplement or not. I have stopped taking it… I would like to know if there are others that have experience this as well. – Review

I’ve taken this product for years, switched to the liquid from pills for everyday, otherwise take the pills when i travel. The product had kept me in good health ….While you can find some of the greatest supplements I’ve ever seen available for finding the elixir of youth, you still have to meet up your basic health needs to allow them to work. Questions to consider: am I obtaining seven to nine hours of rest? Am I drinking 80 or even more ounces of water a time? Am I eating true, non-processed foods at least 80% of my diet plan? Am I working out at least four times weekly for at least thirty minutes each time? Am I consuming five different fruits and vegetables a day? If your solution isn’t yes to some of the, after that let this be your starting place. If you’re already doing these, then you’re prepared for consuming liquid Serovital. But, don’t take any supplement without unrealistic expectations. Finally, anti-aging treatments like bio-identical hormones in the marketplace come with risk. Products like Serovital seem to be better alternatives. Supplying the body with hormones leads to decreased glandular function and gland atrophy, which pertains to all hormone-producing glands, like the ovaries and the testes. This is why I only recommend using secure, natural anti-aging health supplements, foods and herbs within nature. So, Serovital is a better option than bio-identical hormones, at least when we consider side effects. The second thing to bear in mind is does the anti-aging product cocktail you are taking do the job. We are all different and can age at different rates and our physical and mental requirements will differ. – Review

I haven’t noticed any changes at all. Very disappointed. – Review

Conclusion: Does SeroVital Really Work?

If you’re seeking to enhance lean muscle mass, diminish wrinkles & fine lines, promote weight loss, get rid of excess body fat or improve your physical health, choosing SeroVital as a hGH supplement for benefits may help. But probably not for the reasons you’re thinking.

The research is still not definitive regarding if this line of supplements is able to enhance hGH levels directly, as the claims say. Read more on guide to growth hormone and advice from mayo clinic regarding supplements like Serovital & synthetic growth hormone.

The human growth hormone hGH levels get suppressed naturally with age, and while the age reversing result is an appealing one, the amino acids simply aren’t a magical cure. Then again, in review, the anti-aging ingredients, vitamins and minerals within a 30 days supply are positive in various ways and may boost a positive impact on the body all around. Don’t forget, the 30 days money back guarantee is there if you feel the benefits aren’t enough.

Many users obviously love the results they have witnessed while taking SeroVital, but as with any other product, there are some not so overwhelmed with the product and its claims.

When we look at the ingredients in SeroVital, we see just a little more than amino acids. Some of the ingredients listed lack clinical studies to confirm positive effects on HGH. The one study done on it does show some potential in the product in enhancing HGH levels & sleep quality. On top of all of this, the concentrations of the ingredients in proprietary blend have not been revealed. Checkout other products similar to Serovital.